Thursday, July 13, 2023

Operation Storytime: Book for the military child

San Diego, California (July 13, 2023) - United Through Reading has announced “Book for the Military Child” for 2023 as part of Operation Storytime, its three-year initiative to connect the next one million military and Veteran family members through the read aloud experience. The Book for the Military Child unites and celebrates military children across the globe through their shared experiences.

Service members or Veterans will read a book while being video recorded and then send the video and book back home to the child. The child at home watches the video and follows along with the book. When a child may be especially missing a parent who is away for military service, hearing the parent’s voice and seeing their face serves as a calming, loving reminder of the parent’s presence.

Operation Storytime, made possible in part by a $1 million pledge from the Reader’s Digest Foundation, is a three-year campaign with the goal of reaching 1 million military families through four distinct literacy missions.

“Reading together is one of the most important things any family can do, and military families often sacrifice that time due to service to our country. By supporting United Through Reading’s Operation Storytime, we at the Reader’s Digest Foundation can help the next million military family members maintain their reading routine, no matter the distance,” said Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO of Trusted Media Brands and Chairman of the Reader’s Digest Foundation.

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