Saturday, July 1, 2023

Blue Star Fathers: A simple introduction

Indianapolis, Indiana - Times have changed and so has society in general. Fathers have become increasingly more involved in their children's lives and have become integral in providing support as well as encouragement. Yet in spite of societal changes, certain organizations still treat fathers as second class citizens with merely associate status without any voice or voting rights. Instead of matching pace with the growth in fatherhood, they are instead still shunted to the side.

Not only that, there was also the issue of blended families and father figures which weren’t being addressed. Today’s modern families and role models come in all shapes and sizes. There was no place for these family members in other, similar organizations. Blue Star Fathers does not put an age limit to when the father, father figure or step father has been in their child’s life.

Blue Star Fathers was conceived in the spring of 2022 by a group of fathers who wished to have a more direct and impactful involvement with their sons and daughters serving in the military. They reached out to a Veterans focused non-profit on the Eastside of Indianapolis for guidance on creating their own organization. In the summer of 2023, Blue Star Fathers became official when it was registered with the State of Indiana.